Matt F.

“All of the (foods) that helped me to get so big are now helping me to lose weight.”

Nancy S.

“Food Lovers taught me how to eat and lose. It teaches you the basics of nutrition”

Ryan D.

“I’m not dieting. I’m not counting my calories. All I’m doing is making smart choices with the food that I’m enjoying.”

Joe J.

“With the food lover’s program. I’m probably eating four times as much food as I was eating when I was dieting.”

Gloria T.

“I am living proof that you can eat all day long, you can eat your favorite foods all day long and you can learn how to keep it off.”

Tracy R.

“I don’t have to eat something different than the family. We’re all eating the same food.”

Beth S.

It’s easy. It’s something you can do for the rest of your life.

Laura F.

“I’m not depriving myself of anything, and I’m eating more food now than I ate when I wasn’t on a diet!”

Britanny A

“I was eating brownies, I was eating pasta, I was eating pizza. And I still lost 48 pounds in nine months.”

Emmy A.

“On Food Lovers, I learned that I can eat my pasta and my bread and my rice, and still lose weight.”