• Gloria T.
  • Age: 69
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Hometown: Ventura, CA
  • Profession: Entrepreneur
  • Starting Weight: 190 lbs.
  • Current Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Total Weight Loss: 55 lbs.
  • Sizes: Size 20 to size 8
  • Maintained Weight Loss: 9 years!

I started taking weight loss pills at 12

“Weight has been a challenge my entire life. In fact, my mom took me to the doctor the first time for weight when I was 12 years old. And this was back in the late ’40s or ’50s, and the doctor put me on thyroid pills. So right off, I learned that that ‘a pill is the solution.’

People who hear this may identify with the blue pills, pink pills, yellow pills ― through the ’50s and the ’60s, you could find diet pills in all different colors, and they were all amphetamines disguised as diet pills.

When I went off pills, my weight shot up

But after 1969, I couldn’t find anyone to prescribe me the pills anymore. And I would say, ‘But you don’t understand, the only reason I’m 120 is because I have these diet pills.’ And my weight shot up close to 200 pounds in probably a little over a year because I was so dependent upon the diet pills. So, in times after that, I tried probably everything that was around.

I had lost hope

By the time I came to the Food Lovers Program, I was really, really sad, I don’t know that desperate would be too extreme a word to use. I was close to hopeless because I had lost weight and gained it back so many times. And when I heard about the Food Lovers Program, I didn’t know if I had it in me to do it one more time. I really thought that I had pretty well ruined my metabolism. I felt I was too old to lose weight again.

Food Lovers helped me rebuild my metabolism

And one of the first things I heard is that the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program can show you how to rebuild your metabolism. And I didn’t know that was possible. But that’s the thing that gave me hope. That was the thing that made me willing to try it one more time. And I’m here to tell you that it not only worked for me, not only did I lose the weight, but I have now had it off for four years. And never have I been able to say that in all the times that I’ve lost weight.

I get to enjoy carbs

There aren’t any good foods or bad foods on the Food Lovers Program, which is one of the reasons I think it’s worked for me. On most other programs, like Atkins, carbs are used, if at all, very sparingly. There’s a big message now that if you want to lose weight, you need to severely limit carbs, and that’s just such a mistake. Carbs are the good stuff! You need carbs to think, you need carbs to fuel your body.

Food Lovers fits my life

I think another reason the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program works so well is because you can adjust it to your lifestyle. My lifestyle demands that I travel often. I eat at banquets, I eat in people’s homes, I eat in restaurants, I eat on airplanes, at airports. And I learned on the Food Lovers Program how to choose foods in those types of situations and still lose weight.

I’m living proof that it works

I am living proof that you can eat all day long, you can eat your favorite foods all day long and you can learn how to keep it off. I am living proof. I lost 55 pounds. I went from a size 20 to a size eight and I am practically 70 years old and I am here to tell you it works. And I feel powerful and confident, sexy, strong ― ways that I didn’t think I would ever feel again.”