When people fall off a diet plan they generally blame themselves, thinking they lacked the willpower to skip meals or overcome the cravings. The fact of the matter is when you go four or five hours or more without eating (particularly once your metabolism speeds up) you will become SO hungry that you simply will not be able to control yourself. It has nothing to do with willpower. It’s just plain hunger, pure and simple, and no one can resist.

On the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, extreme hunger should never be a problem since you are eating all the time. In fact, if you are getting uncomfortably hungry on this program – you are not eating enough.

Use the following scale to gauge your Hunger Level. If you find yourself at a 2 or 1, eat a snack – even if you’ve got a meal coming up soon. If you let yourself get too hungry, you’re almost guaranteed to overeat. After adding a snack, just wait at least an hour then get right back on schedule.

*Wait at least 20 minutes after eating to gauge your Hunger Level.

*Also, make sure you have been drinking plenty of water.
Dehydration often disguises itself as hunger, particularly if you are craving salty, crunchy foods like chips, crackers, etc.