Sarah h. lost 40 pounds

and went from a size 14 to a size 4 in 5 months! *

    • Sarah H.
    • Age: 33
    • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    • Profession: Mother of 5
    • Starting Weight: 167 lbs.
    • Current Weight: 127 lbs.
    • 21 Day Weight Loss: 6 lbs.
    • Total Weight Loss: 40 lbs.
    • Sizes: Size 14 to size 4
    • Total Inches Loss: 53
    • Favorite Foods:Taco Bell®

"I was extremely skeptical when I opened up my box and saw that I was eating food all day. I honestly thought the good people at Provida were nuts and that I was going to gain 50 more pounds on top of the 40 I needed to lose. 

I noticed that Food Lovers was working within the first 21 days.

I lost 6 lbs in 21 days, by week 8 I lost 15 and in 5 months I lost 40lbs.

I have never been on a program like Food Lovers before.

I've consistently maintained my weight and I don't see there ever being a time in my life where my weight is going to increase again."

These results are not typical, but they are achievable, depending on your level of commitment. Food Lovers Fat Loss System is based on a healthy eating and exercise program, which are essential for healthy weight loss. Please consult your physician before beginning Food Lovers Fat Loss System, or any other weight loss program. These testimonials are from real costumers, and they were not paid for their testimonials.